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Cameron has been my voice teacher for close to four years. I started taking voice lessons for the first time at a community college in Arizona. After moving to Florida, I met Cameron and resumed studying voice. It has been my pleasure to work with him and feel fortunate to have him as my teacher. He has helped me tremendously. In the past, I was a baritone, but Cameron has worked with me to extend my range, so now I am more of a baritone/tenor. He has helped me learn better breathing technique, so now I can hold my notes twice as long and my tone is very much improved. It has been an honor to sing the National Anthem on multiple occasions with our local veterans AVAST Color Guard presentations. Cameron worked with me for many lessons to improve my rendition of the Anthem. The Star-Spangled Banner is not an easy song and I wanted to sing it correctly. Cameron was very patient and helped me with the rhythm and diction. I sing it unaccompanied, I don’t read music and I am in my 70s. I think I am a challenge for my teacher! I have received several complementary letters on my performances, so I shared those complements with him because I could not have received them without his help. I highly recommend Cameron as a teacher and an honest person.