Choir member singing

When breathing properly, singing is an aerobic activity. It can be like jogging while standing in one spot, so be prepared to have fun while getting a good workout. We’re going to do vocal exercises and sing songs from different eras and genres to help you increase your breath support, sharpen your diction, broaden your range, focus your sound and enrich your tone. Developing vocal technique can happen more rapidly than with external musical instruments, so noticeable changes can happen in months or even weeks!

Be advised that if you’re only interested in pop music, I may not be the right teacher for you. The reason for this is that most pop music is not very melodic (the phrases are short and repetitive and the note range is limited) and most pop singers don’t use good technique, so they aren’t good examples to copy. That’s why some of them have had surgery to correct vocal cord nodules (callouses, essentially) and a few of them have had to do this multiple times.

Each person has his or her own unique sound. You don’t need to copy someone else. When using your voice in a natural, relaxed way, you can sing for hours without discomfort or sounding raspy. If you’re carrying tension in your throat, your voice can feel strained and sound hoarse quickly – within 30 minutes or less. My goal is to help you find the beauty and power that is natural for your voice.

I took Music Appreciation lessons with Cameron for approximately a year and I enjoyed them! He puts a lot of thought and preparation into his lessons. He’s encouraging and kind.